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Bring These Items to Your Photoshoot!

For any photoshoot, preparedness is key to obtaining images you adore. It may seem pessimistic, though I stand by the phrase: "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

95% of the time, photoshoots flow seamlessly. However, sometimes coffee likes to jump out of its cup and onto your pants. Or, the button on your jacket wants a taste of freedom. Knowing accidents happen, I advise clients to bring extra outfit options and props to their shoot. What are these items to prepare, you may ask? Let's dive in!

The Client Checklist

Here are some essential items to bring to your photoshoot:

  1. Water bottles: one per person, minimum.

  2. Snacks: chips, bars, fruit rolls; I love freeze-dried strawberries.

  3. One extra outfit (minimum): For advise on compiling outfits, read "I Have Nothing to Wear..."

  4. Touch-Up items: Makeup, brush/comb, toothpaste, and a toothbrush, to name a few.

  5. Comfy shoes: If you're wearing heels or dress shoes, an alternative shoe to wear when walking between locations is a MUST (flip flops, slides, slip-on tennis shoes).

*Side Note: For more than just accidents, extra outfits and props allow you to express yourself and create beautiful, spontaneous moments!

Fun Props

  1. Champagne: Who doesn't love a good celebratory pop? If you're booking with me, inquire about a complimentary champagne prop (comes with select packages).

  2. Blanket: it can be a cute prop to bundle in when cold or used as a picnic blanket.

  3. A Shirt you LOVE: Rep your favorite school or band tee to showcase a little about you!

  4. (Pet-safe) Bubbles: for kids and pets, bubbles are a rousing element that makes for fun photos!

  5. Biodegradable Confetti: Like Champagne, confetti adds a dynamic pop to photos.

  6. Flowers: A bouquet or a single stem adds a pop of color and nature.

Photoshoots with Pets

  1. Leashes and harnesses: We will determine the leash protocols before attending a location. However, it's always good to have their leash, collar, and harness.

  2. Treats and Toys: Bring a treat or toy reward to help get your pet's attention during photos.

  3. Water bowl: Just like humans need water, so do pets.

  4. Portable Kennel: Sometimes, pets need a moment to themselves. Bringing their space with them can help with any anxiety they may experience.

  5. If on rocky terrain or hot surfaces, shoes for pets may be an excellent option to bring (if they feel comfortable wearing them).

  6. Bathroom Bag: Animals have accidents! Whether shooting indoors or outdoors, we might need to clean up number one or two.

Suggestion: Indoors is my preference for animal shoots for controlled environment and temperature.

The Photographer's Checklist

  1. Speaker: Let's bump some tunes together!

  2. Umbrella: On the off chance it rains in sunny Arizona, an umbrella comes in handy AND can make a great prop.

  3. Hand and Face Wipes: You never know what you're going to touch, so disinfectant wipes are a great option when on the go.

  4. Extra Equipment: Batteries, Lenses, and Camera Body!

  5. Reflector and Flash: For an extra burst of light in your photos.

Feel free to use the Client Checklist PDF to help in your photoshoot planning. Happy shooting, I hope your shoot goes all in accordance to plan! Though if not, you're prepared!


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