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3 Fan-Favorite Photography Studios in Greater Phoenix

These are the best of the best of Arizona photography studios!

In February 2022, my mom, sister, and I decided to downsize our home. It was a smart decision to make in our circumstance, however, I knew I was loosing a few spaces I loved including my personal studio. Thankfully, I have a great pool of studios to chose from here in Phoenix that maintain the intimate feeling of my old space while also housing up-to-date equipment and gorgeous, furnished settings I could only dream of!

To give you a good idea of the experience each studio provides, I will include details regarding:

  1. Location,

  2. Supplies,

  3. Space (number of rooms available),

  4. Pricing,

  5. and Customer Experience.

1/ Space One2One

Having been the first studio I ever shot at, SpaceOne2One has a special place in my heart. Run by the two most badass women you could know, Annelise and Tara, the studio contains four stunning spaces to shoot in. The Main Warehouse is my favorite, being the biggest of all the rooms. With 4 paper backdrop slots (interchangeable upon request), a mix of chairs and props, at least 5 alien bees with varying diffusers, and massive U-shaped Cyc wall, any studio nerd is bound to have a blast customizing your shot to your liking. Their three adjacent rooms, the Lifestyle, Lifestyle Petite, and Newborn room, are perfect for commercial work, boudoir, and newborns. Can I just say, they have the most spectacular supply closet! Triggers, tripods, extension cords, oh my! Everything you could possibly need, they thought of, plus more; the possibilities are endless.

As with all studios, respect the space and it will respect you. Annelise and Tara work their booties off to maintain a well-kept environment where creativity can flourish. They themselves are at your disposal, when on premise, to aid in making your visions reality. With a wealth of knowledge to share and great communication, I am always pleased to visit their studio.

Directions Tips:

Address: 2450 W Broadway Rd #112, Mesa, AZ 85202

Located off of the 101 at Price Road, do note that finding their studio can pose a challenge. After turning onto Broadway road (headed east), pass the light at El Dorado, then get into the first left turn lane, thereafter, and turn left into the parking lot. If coming west on Broadway road, keep an eye out for the strip mall signage including the name "Space One2One" and turn right at the parking lot entrance.

Their rooms range from $45 to $70 per hour, such fair pricing for the room's sizing and equipment access. For more rental and pricing details, visit their website!

2/ Studio House AZ

Having recently relocated from Mesa to Phoenix, I can tell you that their Phoenix location far exceeds expectations. Unlike conventional studios, Studio House AZ has a magical component, housing eight, yes, EIGHT rooms with such character. Erika and Ashtynn, some of the nicest women and cutest new mothers, run a very active Instagram which I enjoy following. Why? Well, because Studio House AZ heavily features and asks for feedback from us photographers, eager to create a wonderful experience for both us and our clients!

Their rooms, as mentioned, have such pizzaz and individually have so much to offer. I have shot in every room in Building A - The Atrium, the Villa, and the Gallery - and PHEW, are they magnificent! Because of the window's placement in the Villa and Gallery, boudoir shoots in these rooms are dramatic and UGH, perfection! Of course, these rooms can do much more than boudoir. I have done lifestyle shots in the Atrium, and seen a great many portraits, couple sessions and commercial work hosted in Building B. The versatility of these rooms goes unmatched.

My biggest tip when booking here: please do yourself a favor and peruse the website for each room's ideal lighting timeframe. Some rooms, in my experience, have some basic strobes inside that can be relocated. Knowing your room's ideal lighting timeframe will dictate the time you book and therefore, provide you quality natural light!

Like Space One2One, their hourly rates range per room ($45 at the lowest to $60 at the highest). These prices are more than fair for the amount of space and customization you receive with your rental.

Direction Tips:

Building A: 641 N 4th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003

Building B: 649 N. 4th Ave Phoenix AZ 85003

Studio House is divided into two houses with slightly different addresses. When booking, please confirm whether you will be in Building A or B. For those like me who, even with the GPS, get directions jumbled, they have a handy map that saves us all. In addition, parking is a first come, first serve basis. On weekends, the covered parking at the east side of each building is available. Otherwise, you're left fishing for open street parking. Being along a semi-popular Phoenix road, I suggest arriving at least 30 minutes early because searching for parking alone can take 15-20 minutes of looping the street plus time paying meters and walking to find your room.

On that note, I have found that each room is well-marked. Don't pull a creep-move by cutting through other rooms! Enter through your specific door and pro tip: always knock and announce your entry before entering your room! The renter before you may be wrapping up with their client, and you'd hate to be known as THAT photographer (iykyk).

3/ The Gray Atelier

I have only shot at Gray Atelier twice, and both times I was very pleased with the space. This space most resembles my personal studio, being very intimate in space and resources. Though don't be fooled by the word "intimate." With a comfortable changing and makeup room, two shelves of strobe equipment, and a wealth of natural light beaming into the studio room, the Gray Atelier holds it own. At less than $55 an hour, this studio is a no-brainer for humble beginners and experienced professionals alike to rent.

For lifestyle, product, editorial, fashion, and commercial work, this studio does the job! It is conveniently located by the Arizona State University campus, perfect for photography students like me who need some refreshed headshots or updated portfolio work to impress the professors. I only briefly met the owner at my first shoot, and was dazzled by Vikki's professionalism and photography know-how. I'm glad to be reminded of this studio because it truly is a gem hidden in Tempe.

Direction Tips:

Address: 713 W 9th St, Tempe, AZ 85281

I found that navigation is relatively straightforward. The studio is located in a neighborhood, and they have shaded parking under trees along the street. For any shoot, the sooner you show up, the better parking access you have, and that proved true for the first shoot I ever had there. We had 30+ models, assistants, photographers, stylists, and directors on premises, so parking did overflow a little around the block. In good news, no one walked farther than 5 minutes to or from their car.


Visiting Sunny Arizona?

Photography Studios in Arizona

Whether a photographer needing to rent a studio in Phoenix or a client looking to book a session, you are certain to have a blast shooting at any of these three studios. In these hot Arizona summer months, when being outside becomes more torturous than editing a JPEG photo, beat the heat in the studio!


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