• Dallas Rogers

You Need Pictures With Your Pet!

Brooke came to me a few weeks ago, asking for a photoshoot with her 13-year-old dog. You would not believe how ecstatic I was. Having never done a photoshoot with a dog, I wanted to take this opportunity to build my skill and patience. I feared that he may be too lively, but he proved me wrong. Hank was a DREAM to work with. Here are some of the beautiful pictures I captured of the two in Verrado:

Why you NEED pet pictures?

Our furry friends are family. Their funny personalities and crazy antics make us fall in love with them again and again. Taking pictures with your pet allows for you to treasure them fur-ever and ever. They are a great way to document the chemistry you share with your pet. I know for me, I wish I had gotten pictures with my pup because we truly had a bond I will never forget. Yes, you can just take pictures of them on your phone, but there is something magical about seeing the two of you, side-by-side, in a photograph together. From someone who really regrets not having recent pictures of me with my dog, I highly suggest booking a session. It'll be paw-some, I promise.

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