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Yitty "Major Label" Collection: Sleepover-Themed Photoshoot

PILLOW FIGHTS! POPCORN! PAJAMAS! PHOTOSHOOTS! All the best things (all weirdly starting with "p") that take place at sleepovers! Join Huntington and I in the behind the scenes of our recent Yitty sleepover-themed photoshoot.

Meet Huntington Parson with Yitty

In November, my friend Huntington Parson, who you may know from her solo performance in Meghan Trainor's Make You Dance video or her TikTok, shared that she is a Yitty ambassador! I could not contain myself because Huntington, let me tell you, has beyond earned this opportunity. And, we were about to cease it!

The DREAM Sleepover Photoshoot

You could not IMAGINE how excited I was when Huntington approached me, saying, and I quote: "Dallas, I could not think of a better photographer to take these photos with me." Talk about flattery! She won me at "Hello!" Of course, I was IN! After reuniting via Zoom that Tuesday (yes, we planned and executed this sleepover shoot in FIVE days), we set off generating ideas for props, shopping, thrifting, and scheduling the studio.


On top of being a talented dancer, Huntington is my dream client because she is downright creative! She proposed handmaking a crown with an iconic Lizzo line: "I'm 100% That Bitch." This idea morphed into a cake with the written phrase, which turned out to be my favorite prop. And, at the shoot, she added some Huntington flare in scooping - with her finger- frosting off this cake! I adore seeing clients embrace themselves, which is what Lizzo's "Yitty" brand is all about.

Out of this entire shoot, I now have some fantastic photos AND a rotary phone. I spent three hours the morning of the shoot wandering Brass Armadillo, searching for the perfect "old-timey" corded telephone. When all hope seemed lost, I stumbled upon the HOLY GRAIL of rotary phones. It sounds ridiculous to be gawking over a rotary phone, but let me tell you: This phone was my saving grace. Finding the right prop was essential, and it paid off in those final five minutes to stay and keep looking. I mean, look at the photos:


Studio House AZ

In our brainstorming, we found the COOLEST studio in Phoenix called "Studio House AZ," and shot in their Villa and Warehouse rooms which were SO worth it! The Villa was stunning, with a white, low-to-the-ground cozy bed and neutral space fitting to capture these light and airy sleepover shots. The Warehouse was great for simple headshots as well as capturing some shots with edgier light:


Huntington and I had hoped, out of this session, to catch attention from Yitty's social media, even if they reposted the photos from Huntington's or my Instagram. Not only are we featured in Fabletics' December 19th, 2022 post celebrating "hot girl winter," we were the featured image on Yitty's Instagram story from the Fabletics post!

We could NOT even believe it! This was one of the first moments that my image was featured on an established brand's page. We could not have been more proud of our creative efforts.

We have some fun projects in store for the reminder of Huntington's Yitty ambassadorship, so stay tuned for those images!

We wish you all a Happy New Year. For me, my photography related goals include:

  1. Producing and releasing tri-monthly "Photographers Shoot the Same Model" YouTube videos

  2. Shooting for local Arizona brands including "K.S. Garner," Goodwill AZ, and Cleo and Clementine.

  3. Book 15 high-fashion senior sessions between March and April 2023

What are your goals for 2023?

I'd love to hear all about your ambitions, habits, and goals in the comment section!

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My goal for 2023 is to start photography! I am so inspired by this post, so great meeting you, Huntington! 😊



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