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My journey started in 2015. It's the "old and told" story of a yearbook kid who falls in love with their camera, fueled by their inspiring, dad-like teacher. You know that story. Well, if you haven't heard it before, at least you know how the story ends.

I knew I loved photography, but what to do with it. Inspired by my partner's business prowess, I gave the photography business thing a try on my own.

Four years into the craft, I am so excited to turn a new page. A photographer's purpose goes beyond pressing the shutter button. I strive to grow my relationship with my clients, balancing the humanness of the job with the documentation. I hope to bring my clients ease and excitement when behind the camera. Most importantly, I love seeing how my clients change and grow into their most confident selves through my photography experiences.

With this, I thank all my clients who have enabled me to turn this "photography business thing" into my life's passion. 

Now for the fun part...

Outside of Photography


I have a love-hate relationship with singing. With all art, people have preferences. I've grown toughened skin to handle criticism regarding photography , but singing is something I'd like to hold more privately. There is something wonderful about preserving an art for yourself that makes it more magical. Maybe, just maybe, if I rent a karaoke room with some friends, I'll sing my go-to duet: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."



Since I was very little, "dress up" has been a significant part of my life. My favorite part of dressing up - whether in costume or in more formal attire - is feeling how a combination of clothing and accessories can transform your character. I mean, that's what we do on Halloween, right? We stray from our "normal" wares to adopt the looks and personalities of adored characters. For me, fashion has enabled me to become a chameleon, changing my looks to either blend in or show off. I'd love to know, what does fashion fulfill for you?

Thrifting is my number 2 favorite past time, with family and Javi-time ranked number 1. It is a topic I am very passionate about, so much so, that I made a personal publication titled, "Other People's Shoes," communicating why thrifting serves to help the Earth and enable us to learn about ourselves and others. 

Costumes / Fashion


I turn to entertainment for relief, an escape. My favorite genre is Rom-Coms, and despite what you say, they'll always be my favorite. Though no Rom-Com could ever come close to beating the makings of Hayao Miyazaki. As a kid, My Neighbor Totoro became a classic I never got tired of. But, it became lost in memory. As life grew busier, my consumption of entertainment dwindled and my recollection of Studio Ghibli's faded. Only recently have I rewatched Totoro, and I became reminded of why I fell in love with animation and his storytelling. My favorite movie has become "Whisper of the Heart," but who's to say my mind won't change after I finish watching all of his movies.




Yes, I am a notorious gamer, fueled by my competitive spirit. I like to think that I can pick up on any game quick, but Javier's introduction of first-person shooter games makes me think different. But, if you're up for a buddy to play Animal Crossing with or someone to set you straight about your Mario Kart skills, let me know. My Switch friend code is "SW-3722-9960-1510" if you want to add me.

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