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Hi, I'm Dallas. My nickname is Dal - use whichever name you prefer. Thank you for visiting. I am stoked to share my love of fashion and passion with you. 

Who am I outside of photography?

I am a proud ASU (GO DEVILS!) scholar pursuing a photography major (with a certificate in entrepreneurship, might I add). In my free time,  you can catch me doing one of the following:

  • yelling (not singing, YELLING) karaoke in the shower, or my bedroom

  • trying a local restaurant new to me

  • organizing my in-home studio

  • assistant coaching my amazing twelves volleyball team

  • thrifting for clothes (not for me of course, for my models)

  • hanging out with my boyfriend, Javier (a.k.a. DJ Javier)

  • playing animal-crossing

  • watching Haikyu!!

  • doing social media management for DJ C West

  • petting my cats

  • jamming to disco in and out of my roller skates

There's more, but I don't walk to talk your ears off.

Who am I behind the camera?

I am a woman of multiple hats, enjoying fashion and weddings:

As an editorial wedding photographer, my goal is to supply timeless images with a minimalistic magazine aesthetic. I have always had an appreciation for people, always curious to dive into and capture their most vulnerable selves. Thanks to you, my passion thrives. Photography is THE most wonderful experience I have stumbled upon, and I'd love to show you what it means to me. 


Let's connect and have some fun on your BIG day!

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