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How to Prepare for your Senior Pictures


with Advice from Dal's Pictures Seniors!


Your senior session is approaching, and you're preparing for it... but what to prepare? How to prepare?

I asked six of my DP Grads to share their advice and handiest tips when preparing for their senior pictures to equip YOU with everything you need to know:

1. Book about two months out from graduation. ~ Sami M.

"I received my senior pictures from Dallas about two weeks after my session. Shooting in March afforded me and my mom enough time to receive the images, pick our favorites, design the cards, and send them out by the time I graduated in May. Do yourself a favor and book sooner than later!

P.S. Shooting sooner worked well, too, because the weather was still super cool, and if you're from Arizona, you know that doesn't last long."

2. Schedule makeup services at a minimum ~ Brooke S.

"From my modeling experience, I know how valuable makeup can be when taking photos. I portray my most confident self when I look and feel my best. Makeup is like the cherry on top.

Not only do you feel pampered when in the makeup chair, you also go into your session looking and feeling tremendous. Starting your shoot with a positive attitude translates into confident posing and a memorable experience."

3. Watch posing videos and practice your favorites ~ Serena B.

"Leading up to my session, I had a lot of anxiety about posing. I didn't want to look stiff and visibly nervous.

My mom proposed I research some senior posing examples on Youtube and Pinterest. My two favorite videos were:

When I found a pose I wanted to do during my senior session, I would practice it in the mirror from a few angles. Doing this helped me feel more confident walking into my session because I felt prepared to pose and knew my angles."

4. Bring towels or wipes for your champagne pop ~ Zoë Z.

"For the longest time, I dreamt of taking a champagne pop senior picture! I came equipped with two André Champagnes, which we saved for the end of my session.

Luckily, not much champagne spewed on me, though, always prepared, I did come ready with a few towels in my car. I wiped off some stickiness on my arms where some champagne dribbled down the bottle and drove home, feeling nice and clean!"

View our "What to Bring" list for more information about necessities to bring to your shoot.

5. Prepare a Spotify or Apple Music playlist ~ Anistinn D.

"Music always breaks the ice. Being my first time in front of a professional camera, Dallas suggested creating a playlist with my favorite songs to play during the shoot.

I sent over two of my favorite playlists and listened to them while getting ready, in the car, and at the shoot. It made me feel relaxed heading into my session."

6. Bring a few backup outfits ~ Desmond R.

"During my two-hour session, we fit in four outfits plus my cap and gown shots. Dallas told me to bring at least three or four different outfit options, so I errored on the side of more to ensure I had a range while shooting downtown.

I brought simple, easily interchangeable pieces, plus my college tees and letterman jacket. I got a wide range of images out of my shoot, and that's all I could have asked for."

2023 Senior Pictures

And, there you have it! Advice from seniors who were once in your shoes. Enjoy your shoot, good luck with preparations, and if you have any other questions, I am happy to help! Drop those in the comment section below:

Looking to book your senior session? Look no further: book NOW for 2023!


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