• Dallas Rogers

Blerr Magazine 2000s Fashion Shoot

Mid-November, I had the pleasure of shooting for locally-managed magazine, Blerr (pronounced /blər/). Focused on blurring the line between art and reality, Blerr's vision for this shoot was to modernize 2000s fashion. Styled by Summer Horchem and Colleen Quinn, the looks blended color and textures to create an eye-catching collection. Here is an early sneak peek of Blerr Magazine's 2021 publication:

Being a 2000s kid, I felt a pressure to highlight what made 2000s fashion so iconic: the rhinestones and sequins (bedazzling), the vibrant colors, the baguette bags, and the animal print. Summer and Colleen made my job easy, incorporating these pieces into each look. All that was left to do was capture it, and man, was that such a fun experience. They could not have picked a better venue for this shoot; the Gray Atelier's venue was flattered the theme and outfits brilliantly! With vibrant walls, beautiful flora, and fun surrounding buildings, the area was practically made for this shoot!

Special and immense thanks go out to Daryl and Faith for inviting me to be apart of this momentous occasion and participate in the production of your magazine! We have to work together again!


If you want to collaborate on a fashion shoot, let's get in contact! You can view my fashion/editorial work here!

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