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ASU Art Students Voice Concerns Regarding Fast Fashion

models pictured left and right

StyleLine's "Drowning in Textiles" collection shares concern for textile waste as well as increasing fast fashion production and consumption.

If you've followed my photography since 2020, you know that I stand behind buying slow fashion, thrifting, and maintaining the clothing in my closet.

Joining "StyleLine Magazine" at Arizona State University this semester enabled me to bring an idea I've long dreamed of shooting to life. This series strives to convey the dangers of textile overconsumption and disposal, done using heaps of clothing brought from each of our closets. In the first set of images, we structured a large pile of clothing in which models appeared to "drown" in, illustrating the seas of clothing sitting in landfills that are our problem to deal with.

We're warning viewers of the mess we're making buying clothing just as temporary trends.

Our second set of images use plastic material to clothe the models, showing the ease of reusing unconventional materials in fashion. Reducing textile waste and repurposing current pieces is the name of the game!

Our editor-in-chief managed to reserve the Herberger Studio in Creative Commons for this session, and WOW, it was magnificent. The built-in studio lighting overhead was super dramatic. In conjunction with my strobes, these shots came out super well-exposed, making the editing process so much easier for me (anything to make the back end faster is FINE by me).

I was lucky to be accompanied by Caroline, who was a LIFESAVER when it came to our second looks. I mean, she created a LOOK! Our model came with a plain face, and in a matter of minutes, Caroline had her runway ready.

I am so thankful for the level of collaboration exhibited on set. Everyone was ready to help at the drop of a hat and made the atmosphere so fun despite the heavy message of the shoot.

Though I don't have a set name for the collection quite yet, "Drowning in Textiles" or "Talk Textiles to Me" is one of my favorite collaborative shoots to date! If you have any names that hit you as you're looking through, please share them in the comments. Enjoy!

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