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5 Reasons You Need Professional Senior Pictures

Arizona Seniors! These aren't your ordinary senior pictures. These are an experience.

Growing up in the southwest, I know senior pictures are a HUGE tradition. When I graduated high school four years ago, my Instagram feed was flooded with stock image senior photos (no roast on my classmate, just not my style). If you're looking for something different than the traditional style of senior portraits or don't have a reason to take senior photos, look no further:

Here are 5 reasons to have Professional, STYLISH Senior Pictures taken:

Of course, I would LOVE to take yours, so let’s get in touch!

#1: Receive Updated Headshots for Yearbook and Applications

We're starting with a practical reason for all my logically-minded graduates out there. Most schools allow seniors to substitute their school yearbook portrait for one they favor more, which is why most students want a professional senior session.

ANYTHING you do following high school will 99.9% of the time require you to have professional headshots for IDs, applications, social media profiles, and so on. After your senior session, you're provided a range of images, from full-body shots to close-ups, that you can use for these purposes. I still refer back to my senior images when I'm creating resumes, writing thank you letters for scholarships, designing my website, and so much more!

#2: Reward Yourself

I can't stop thinking of the "It's like a reward" meme while writing this section. Jokes aside...

You have worked twelve LONG years to get here; why not reward yourself? Once you take your senior pictures, you have that sigh of relief, knowing that high school is in the past. Getting a high school diploma is nothing to scoff at either. You've persevered through thick and thin to make it here, and you deserve senior pictures to preserve this momentous occasion.

I offer my clients professional makeup, hair, and wardrobe styling services, allowing them to enjoy the process and their photos even more.

#3: Preserve your High School Memories while Making New Ones

Though your senioritis may be kicking in, you’ll want to remember this time of your life! Before you know it, you’ll be married or traveling the world or even pursuing your Master’s degree. One day, you’ll look back at your senior portraits, and I'd love for your recollection of that time to be positive, pleasurable, and celebratory. You want to remember this momentous time with some sort of special event praising you, like a senior session. Take it from me - for the longest time, I resisted any suggestion from my parents to take senior pictures. Now, I’m thanking them, thinking about how I would have missed out on a tremendous experience and obtaining such useful and precious images.

#4: Learn how to Pose!

You may not be chasing a modeling career, but this does not diminish the importance of knowing how to pose. Your senior session may be the first time you're in front of a professional camera - unless you were a baby model like me (haha, weird flex). Building awareness of your angles helps down the line, especially if you ever take headshots, wedding photos, or family portraits.

#5: Have Fun and Build Confidence!

This last reason is what senior photos are all about. I'd heard this quote recently and I feel it greatly applies:

"90% of life is confidence"

I was never an outgoing or confident person in high school. I used to HATE having to talk or listen to people talk about me because I felt it was conceded or like I was deceiving people about how talented and experienced I am. But during my senior portrait session, I kid you not, a switch flipped. I felt comfortable, adventurous, and more myself during my session than I ever felt in a classroom. As a senior, that confidence boost was all I could have asked for going into my freshman year of college.

Your senior session is for you, about you:

  • Wear what you enjoy,

  • travel to a part of Arizona you've always wanted to go,

  • style your hair the way you like,

  • laugh and smile as you do!

Whether you see this moment as a big accomplishment or small blip in your scholastic career, celebrate you.

So... Why Should You Book a Senior Session?

I'll leave you with this: beyond the photos, make senior year YOUR year! It's your time to let loose and celebrate your accomplishments, growth, and future. ConGRADS to you and if you're interested in my senior services, feel free to contact me or read about the Dal's Pictures Grad experience.


Arizona Senior Pictures from Dal's Pictures

Hi! Thank you for reading all this way! I am Dallas Rogers or Dal, for short. I am no ordinary senior photographer in Arizona because I only cater to the most fashionable of graduates. Check out more details here!

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