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Why You Need to Get Senior Pictures!

Here, in the southwest, having your senior pictures taken is tradition. You've probably scrolled through social media and stumbled upon your friend's glorious senior pictures. Though they look great, you're still on the fence about booking a senior session...

Here are 5 reasons why you NEED to get senior pictures! Of course, I would LOVE to take your pictures, so let’s get in touch! No matter who you hire, the most important thing is to capture this momentous time of your life!

#1: They're a reward for working so hard!

You have worked 12 LONG years to get here; why not reward yourself? Once you take your senior pictures, you have that sigh of relief, knowing that you have completed the first major step of your life. Getting a high school diploma is nothing to scoff at. You've persevered through thick and thin to make it here, and you deserve senior pictures to preserve this momentous occasion!

#2: Your future self with thank you!

ANYTHING you do following high school will (99.9% of the time) require you to have professional headshots for IDs, applications, and so on. Senior pictures provide you with a range of images, from full-body to close-ups, that you can use for these purposes. I still refer back to my senior images when I'm creating resumes, writing thank you letters for scholarships, designing my website, and so much more!

#3: They capture all the wonderful high school memories.

Though your senioritis may be kicking in, you’ll want to remember this wonderful time of your life! Before you know it, you’ll be married or traveling the world or even pursuing your Master’s degree. One day, you’ll want to look back at your phenomenal, artistic senior portraits. You don’t want to remember this momentous time with some crummy cellphone selfies! Preserve this momentous occasion forever with some beautiful portraits! Take it from me - for the longest time, I resisted any suggestion from my parents to take senior pictures. Now, I’m thanking them, thinking about how I would have missed out on a tremendous experience and obtaining such useful images.

#4: It's a great chance to learn how to pose.

You may not be chasing a modeling career, but this does not diminish the importance of knowing how to pose. Your senior session may be the first time you're in front of a professional camera - unless you were a baby model like me (a story for another time). Building awareness of your angles helps down the line, especially if you ever take headshots, wedding photos, or family portraits.

#5: They allow you to have fun and build confidence!

I was never an outgoing or confident person. But during my senior portrait session, a switch flipped! I felt comfortable, adventurous, and frankly, more myself during my session. As a senior, that boost of self-confidence was all I could have asked for going into my freshman year of college. Senior sessions are for YOU! Wear what you enjoy, style your hair the way you like, laugh and smile as you do, cuz' baby, it's about YOU!

Closing Remarks...

I'll leave you with this: make senior year YOUR year. It's your time to let loose and celebrate your accomplishments! One of the biggest regrets of my graduating class was that they did not get their senior pictures done. Either because they worried about price or they thought that by April and May, they were too late! Malarkey! We want to help you celebrate and cherish your final moments of high school, even if it’s a month or two after graduation! With all of this said, I hope you consider getting your senior portraits done!

P.S. What senior services do I offer?

I'm glad you asked! I offer several different types of senior portrait packages. Check them out here!

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