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Get on the COVER! Vogue Magazine Challenge

Ready to be on the cover of Vogue? You're going to be a STAR! Follow this fun Vogue Magazine Cover tutorial to transform your images!


I highly recommend you use Photoshop for this tutorial, as the program gives you more control over your cover design. Here is how I transformed this fashion photo into a magazine cover using Photoshop!

Know that this is not a detailed tutorial; I am assuming that you have basic knowledge of photoshop. If not, here is a video that runs you through the tools and basics of Photoshop. Josh takes you through EVERY tool that you could use; highly recommend watching if you need a refresher or a total beginner!

Step 1: Gather your materials

After downloading Photoshop and logging in, find a PSD template of the Vogue Magazine cover (really, any magazine cover will suffice). is where I go to find pre-made templates if you'd like to check there! If you cannot find one or don't feel like searching, click here to download one I made just for you!

Download PSD • 1.85MB

After downloading this template, you will need to download some fonts if you don't have them already. I use for my font needs, and so I searched and found this VOGUE font that resembles the actual Vogue font well. Make sure to download it so you can use it for your title! I also used "Avenir Next" and "Arial" for my little subtitles on the page, in case you wanted to know!

Once you have your template and fonts all downloaded and ready, it's time for our next step!

Step 2: Open the Vogue template in Photoshop!

Once open, identify what image you want for your background, and open it in Photoshop.

Drag the image into your template, either by creating a new layer (CMD + J) or unlocking the lock.

Resize the image to fit the dimensions of the magazine cover. From there, you have full control over how you customize the cover! You can stick to what I have placed on there or write your own subtitles/captions.

Step 3: Have Fun!

Enjoy! I hope you guys have as much fun with this as I have! :) Tag me @dalspictures if you use my template!

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