• Dallas Rogers

Space One2One Fashion Photoshoot

We did it. With the kindness from a local studio - Space One2One - I gathered Arizona's most talented makeup artists, stylists, photographers, videographers, and models to create these:

They may not seem like anything mind-blowing or hype-worthy, but they're my first ever photographs taken in a professional studio, and I love them. I am so proud of these and so extremely thankful for the opportunity. Though, I can't take all the credit. It's the creators and artists behind the scenes that did all of the heavy lifting. Let's meet them:

(To learn more about each artist, click on their beautiful face!)

Their time, effort, and tremendous dedication enabled me to create this most recent collection. I cannot thank these ladies (and my boyfriend) enough for their gratitude and assistance in making my photography dreams come true:

If you want your own styled studio session, I have teamed up with these magnificent people to offer two studio packages! Check them out here.

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