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Sedona Couple Session: Jada + Matt

To commemorate their first anniversary, Jada and Matt knew they had to go big. I always love traveling, and during this extended quarantine, I was looking for an excuse. When Jada came to me asking for a couple session in Sedona, I jumped on the opportunity. Sedona is one of those magical places, and it was the PERFECT place to go to escape isolation! PLUS, with jaw-dropping scenery and cooler weather, Sedona makes for a GORGEOUS location to capture a momentous occasion such as this!

We left Phoenix at 6 a.m., arriving at Bell Rock around 8. As we rolled into Sedona, we grew a bit worried about the cloudy skies. However, by the time we climbed up to our first location, the clouds had parted, and the sun beautifully illuminated the landscape.

Jada and Matt were such troopers! Sedona does that cooler weather compared to Phoenix; however, walking in 90-degree weather wearing pants is still a challenge. I commemorate them for their endurance! I love couples who are up for an adventure, so I was thrilled when they introduced me to the Seven Sacred Pools in Sedona. The eleven-minute hike past Devil's Kitchen, which is a sight of its own, was filled with fun! We jammed to music and shot some wonderful behind the scenes film along the way.

My favorite part of a couple session is the "surprise" segment. To explain, I love capturing genuine reactions. To do so, I have one partner stand forward of the other. The partner forward awaits for the partner behind to do something like cover their eyes, hug them from behind or jump on their back. Jada was so adorable and hugged Matt from behind.

However, Matt was more determined and lifted Jada almost 4 feet off the ground during his turn!

Jada and Matt were so cooperative and friendly, making the shoot go so smoothly! Javier, the founder of DJ C West, helped me with videography, so we created this little video BTS video! Enjoy!

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