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Vianca + Felipe Alvarez-Ruiz

Vianca and I attended the same high school. I knew little of her: she was in a grade above me (maybe two), an older sister, and a good student. It was recently that she shared she was also a girlfriend at the time, dating her best friend since childhood. Knowing each other for so long, Vianca and Felipe watched each other blossom: through awkward middle school times, early Instagram selfie phases, high school, and now adults building and designing their dream home.

As Disney lovers, they wanted to incorporate that passion into their attire. I attribute Felipe's blue suit to be in Disney's honor, as their castle and logo are a shade similar. Vianca selected a ball-gown style dress with, let me tell you, a gorgeous glittering train and studded chapel-length veil. She fits right in with the Disney princesses!

Thank you, Vianca and Felipe, for allowing me to join in your celebration. I am so inspired by your dedication to your faith and your love for each other. I am rooting for you in your next chapter together!

I should have edited t"Hidden Mickey" in these photos?


Which photo is your favorite? I adore the candid of Felipe adjusting Vianca's dress.

Be sure to share with any Disney fans you know!

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