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Pump the JAMS at Your Portrait Session!

Hi everybody! I've got a treat for you all today! My name is Javier Carlos, otherwise known as DJ Carlos. I am the founder of C West Entertainment, a DJ company based in lovely Arizona. Here’s a little about me: I enjoy entertaining (I AM a DJ after all), creating lighthearted videos, writing blogs, and spending time in the great outdoors!

As much as I want to say I’m an outgoing person, there are times when I feel shy and awkward. Everyone gets this way! It’s completely normal. But, when in front of the camera, timidness can be your worse enemy. So, how can you better enable yourself to feel comfortable and relaxed during the photoshoot? To this, I say...

Make a Playlist for Your Next Photography Session!

With a background in music, I found it fitting to tell you all why making a playlist for your next portrait session is so impactful - life-changing, even! For as cheesy as it sounds, music sets the mood! Feeling powerful? Listening to upbeat music in the dance, pop, hip hop or rock genres create this feeling. Feeling mellow? Listening to slower tempo, jazz, ballads, or classical music may evoke this feeling. The list goes on, and depending on your mood, you may have certain preferences of what music you listen to.

So, how does this knowledge apply to a photoshoot? I'll leave this to Dallas to explain:

Thanks, Javier! As photographers, we want to help you feel comfortable while at your shoot, as well as capture your confidence! Whatever your session is for, the objective is capture your personality! What better way to capture your personality than to bump some jams, groove to the beat, sing along, and have some fun! Music helps fill the silence, creates a fun atmosphere, and enables you and the photographer to relax!

I always bring a speaker to my sessions, and I love to offer the aux to my clients! And, please, don't fret if we like your music or not! We are there to capture you, so play what you enjoy, not what you think the photographer will enjoy! Back to you, Javier!

So, you're probably wondering: "Javier, now that I know why a playlist is important, how do I create one?"

That is a mighty fine question!

What platforms can I use?

Personally, I recommend Spotify for all your playlist creating needs! It makes the process quick and easy, enabling you to take full creative liberty in titling the playlist and compiling your favorite songs. It makes sharing playlists effortless, and they have thousands of playlists to chose from if needed!

If you need help getting started, check out the “SONGS THAT WILL PUT YOU IN A GOOD MOOD” playlist! With a title like that it’s bound to be good! Additionally, I have taken the liberty of creating a playlist for you called: “Start Your Week Off Right! Take a listen to songs hand-selected by yours truly, DJ Carlos! I update it weekly with new and old school gems that will put you in a fantastic mood!

Alternatively, YouTube is a great, free platform to use to create playlists.

What Songs Should I Choose?

Your playlist should be a collection of your go-to, feel-good songs! These tunes should put you in the zone! This way you feel comfortable and confident listening to your pump-up jams while looking great in front of the camera!

I recommend upbeat, 120+ BPM songs (a.k.a. fast tempo) - any music that makes you want to dance around, smile, and will help you relax. It's really up to you to determine what music you need to feel your best!

Take it from me!

When I had my first shoot with Dallas, almost a year ago, she pulled out her phone and speaker first thing. Knowing my music preferences, she queued up one of my all-time favorite songs: “Smack That” by Akon. Hearing this, I started to smile, and as the song went on, I began to loosen up and even move along to the beat. After that song, I felt open, free, and ready to be photographed further. And the best part? The photos turned out amazing! See for yourself:

She really captured a side of me that I knew was there but was always too scared to openly express.

In Conclusion...

So, that’s why you need to Make a Playlist for Your Next Photography Session! I hope this helped you all! I'm DJ Carlos, signing off!

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