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10 Photography Memes that Make Me Snort

I am a worry-filled wreck right now. Conflicted about my every move I make, due to the pandemic and ongoing racist events throughout America, I have found myself more stressed than ever before. Though I don't want to ignore the current issues, here is a little article that can provide a few chuckles and giggles to distract temporarily from the chaos. Here are 10 of my favorite photography-related memes that make me snort (I'm a nerd):

#1. Just... please... It's all we ask!

#2. Uh oh... guilty as charged...

#3. The times they are a' changing!

#4. But, I NEED to know about them!

#5. The cringe is REAL!

#6. If only...

#7. Let's be real... it's all human-error...

#8. If you know, you know...

#9. My anxiety always comes back to bite me in the butt...

#10. I know this isn't an official meme but it's true.

Have a great day! Stay focused on your goals despite this crazy time, and stay positive (not negative). Haha, I love photography memes and puns!


Thanks to these Instagram accounts for these lovely memes:





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