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Wedding Venue in Buckeye, Arizona: Nardini Manor

Within the sea of barren fields and long-stretched roads that are Buckeye, Arizona, lies an unforeseen sight: four-and-a-half acres of antique architectural heaven. The Nardini Manor’s striking structures and elegant layout distinguishes it as THE esteemed West Valley wedding venue.

About Nardini Manor

The Manor's Exterior

The magnificent manor overlooks a perfectly hedged front lawn, and at its sides sit a forested, gorgeous gazebo (a photographer’s DREAM area to shoot in) and a champion courtyard. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does: as you round the corner of the manor, the maze stands before you, in all its green glory.

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

The manor’s extravagant exterior is, of course, accompanied by an incredible interior. Words cannot even begin to describe the amount of dedication and love put into the walls of the manor. After living out its life as a farmhouse, the estate switched ownership several times before falling into the hands of “Italian visionaries, Thomas and Kay Nardini.” The two “spent the late ’70s and ’80s bringing the property back to life,” and life they brought, introducing the maze and expanding the wings. I’ll let you read the rest of their history, for it is much more vibrant in their telling. All I will say is that out of tragedy comes opportunity, and opportunity and love are what the Nardini Manor represents.

Inside and out, the manor is truly a masterpiece. But, is it too good to be true? Let's discuss what makes a great wedding venue.

What a Photographer Looks for in a Wedding Venue

A Well-Lit Getting Ready Location:

To capture stunning getting ready photos, we must ensure the designated getting ready rooms met two criteria:

  1. Room contains a minimum of one natural light source, a.k.a one window.

  2. Ensure, you - bride or groom- is positioned towards the light.

In the example photo, you can see that her face is well-lit, thanks to her positioning of the makeup chair.

Ceremony Space with Good Lighting Throughout the Day:

In addition to the setting, lighting influences the image's style. I encourage couples to understand which style they prefer when choosing a location: light and airy or dark and moody. Why? It's much harder to manipulate light to fit the style than already having a setting where the lighting compliments the desired style.

As far as ceremony time goes, depending on the season, you may lean towards an afternoon to early evening ceremony (winter demands an earlier ceremony around 1 or 2 p.m., and summer can do a later ceremony, around 3 or 4 p.m.). During these periods, lighting is soft and warm, with the sun still relatively high in the sky.

Prime Spots for Portraits:

At any prime venue, everywhere you look is a possible option. The images practically take themselves. When you first tour the venue, look for lush greenery and florals, solid-colored walls, or spots with standout lines, textures, or patterns. These make fantastic portrait locations.

Coming Soon: "What Photographers look for in a Wedding Venue" >

Why choose Nardini Manor for YOUR Wedding?

We've established three desired venue qualities. Where does the Nardini Manor rank? With access to plenty of natural light inside, multiple ceremony site options for different style likings, and striking scenery throughout, the Nardini Manor earns a whopping five stars.

As a West Valley wedding photographer, I could not be more excited for what the Nardini Manor offers to my couples dreaming of a whimsical or antique wedding. If you have fallen for Nardini Manor’s charm as I have, let’s create some magical memories together! Know that the manor is open to any other sessions you dream up, too: couple, portrait, senior, fashion. You name it, let’s shoot it there!

Nardini Manor - Styled Shoots

To my fellow Arizona wedding photographers, Nardini Manor welcomes styled sessions, the first of which I am attending in September. I will let you know how that goes! If you are interested in attending in the future, reach out for details!

Located at 5601 S 195th Ave Buckeye, AZ 85326, about 15 minutes from Verrado.

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