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I am a Guest on HappiVi's Podcast!

UPDATE || Dallas Rogers Interviews on the HappiVi Podcast

Graphic Rendering of Vi within a Polaroid Frame, surrounded by Converse Shoes, a journal, hearts, and a backpack!

Listen to Dal on Season 4, Episode 8 of the HappiVi podcast.


Arizona's darling host, Vi Nguyen, joins local portrait photographer Dallas Rogers, in an engaging one-hour episode catching up on her post-graduation ambitions, artistic growth, and all things Animal Crossing.


Dal... on a Podcast?!

YES! You heard me right!

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the one, the only, Vi Nguyen on her podcast, "HappiVi."

However, this is not my first audio rodeo. Vi had me as a podcast guest in season two, when I was a wee eighteen years old.

I knew I had to redeem myself after my appearance in season two, and that I did. Within this episode, we host a segment called "Set the Record Straight," wherein we:

  1. pick confusing or cringy statements from our season two episode,

  2. and set the record straight about them!

Listen to a Sneak Peek of "Set the Record Straight" on HappiVi Podcast

[Episode Timestamp = 9:52 to 10:45]

And, You WILL Not Believe This:

For how much we laugh on the podcast, you'd never believe we've never met in person.

As we mention in the episode, coordinating schedules as adults with full-time jobs proves difficult, though I am determined to make Vi's model dreams come to fruition!

Fun Fact about Vi: She and my partner first met within a business-related club at Arizona State University. They started out as pen pals, and soon, Vi invited him to participate as a guest on her podcast in Season 2!

Not too long after, my partner introduced us online, and the rest is history!

Take the Buzzfeed Quiz with Us

Speaking of online, Vi and I end this episode taking a Buzzfeed quiz to further get to know one another. To follow along with us, and more importantly, discover "Which Animal Crossing Character You Are," click the link HERE to find the quiz.

*EDIT: With announcement of Buzzfeed's shutting down (temporarily, I'd think), you can take this ALTERNATIVE QUIZ to connect with your truest Animal Crossing form.

Go on, take a listen! ↓

You can find this Episode on:

...and more!

Take it away, HappiVi and me!



I know my audience enough to know that we are podcast fiends!

What is your GO-TO Podcast? Share in the comments!

I am ALWAYS looking for new podcasts to listen to. I alternate between:

  1. Through the Lens with Tammy Zelz

  2. Not Past It, Gimlet Media

  3. Planet Money, NPR

  4. The Duolingo Spanish Podcast

  5. Wild 'Til 9 with LaurDIY

  6. AND OF COURSE: the HappiVi Podcast!


Why should I book a photoshoot with Dal?

Dallas Rogers (a.k.a. Dal) is a professional photographer specializing in photographing everyday women across Arizona.

She aims to provide you with an editorial photography experience, creating ever-lasting, ever-empowering images of yourself!

Looking to book your portrait session? Look no further: book NOW for Fall and Winter 2023!

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