• Dallas Rogers

Ta-ta GCU! Zoe's O-U-T!

It's people like Zoe that excite me. You need to know this about me to understand why:

  1. I seize every opportunity to be extra. The phrase "Go big or go home" was coined for a reason!

So, when Zoe proposed a champagne pop during her senior pictures, I said, "Let it RAIN!" Speaking of rain, Arizona's March showers produced such dynamic skies, which add such character and vibrancy to Zoe's photographs. We ventured around Verrado's mountainous walkway, snapping photos and sharing life stories and laughter.

Zoe is someone, from the time we met back in mid-2020, whose company I enjoy. Looking at these photographs, it's apparent she has a genuine, kind-hearted spirit and vibrant energy about her. I am so fortunate enough to know Zoe both as a colleague and fellow photographer. When you have a moment, check out Zoe's art. I admire her most recent work: a blend of natural settings and tones with saturated pops of color.

That said, let's look through her gallery. To fully understand Zoe, I linked a song that she loves to accompany the visuals.


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