• Dallas Rogers

Goodwill Ugly Thrift Challenge

Zoe and I are photographers turned models in this fun video! Follow along as we pick out their clothing and style them to create some stellar pictures:

I love thrifting. It's become a favorite past time, alongside photography. Zoe and I went head to head in a thrifting challenge to find the ugliest accessories.

You'll see in the video that I stumbled upon a funny tee-shirt, but I ultimately decided on the pink gloves, two-toned scarf, yellow watering can, and red, fake flowers. Honestly, I didn't think anything I picked was inherently ugly as much as they'd be hard to pair. Zoe did a spectacular job with what she had, assembling a very chic, simple outfit and a playful and colorful look. On the other hand, I got the short end of the stick, having to style two very uniquely atrocious jackets. Find out how we turned these items...

...into these stunning outfits and photos! Watch the video, now!

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