• Dallas Rogers

Goodwill Editorial Photoshoot

Would believe me if I told you that I bought these outfits from my local Goodwill? I know, right! Why would someone donate THIS?! I'm not complaining, though, because it was a steal!

For me, thrifting allows me to discover unique, high-quality apparel for a fraction of the cost. The stigma around thrifting had long held me back from starting, but when I did a few months ago to become more sustainable, I fell in love with shopping second-hand. For this shoot, I strove to do two things: one, showcase my tremendous Goodwill finds, and two, squash the thrifting stigma. Goodwill pieces ARE editorial grade if you style them right:

Arts Avenue

Pearls on Pearls

Next time you need a new outfit, decoration, costume, really anything, check out Goodwill to get some exceptional deals!

One last thing: I want to start offering full photoshoot sessions, including hair, makeup, styling, and photography!

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