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Define Your Photoshoot "Why"

Outline your Photography Experience Needs

Blog Summary:

|| Follow my thought process in planning and taking my senior photos.

|| Identify how a photoshoot experience can serve your needs by defining your "Why."

The transition from college to adult life has been quite emotional: excitement-filled in anticipation for the change awaiting me, though extremely uncomfortable in leaving the familiar school structure and environment I've come to know and, dare I say, love.

After landing a steady job, finishing school strongly, and processing the closing of my undergraduate college experience, I knew I was well due for a photoshoot celebrating my progress.

My Photoshoot serves as a... Celebration.

While this shoot falls before graduation, I called the photoshoot a "self-love" session instead. Call it what you will - senior or self-love session; all that mattered was satisfying my "WHY."

My WHY behind my photoshoot:

  1. reflect on and capture my emotional journey through college,

  2. and empower myself leading into the summer.

My Photoshoot serves as a... Reflection.

In my first set of images, I strove to capture my vulnerability throughout college, especially in this last semester.

I styled myself in a flowy, close-to-skin-colored dress with gold and silver accessories - WHY?

  • The dichotomy of the gold and silver beads encapsulates the warm, comforting moments of growth I experienced, contrasted by cold, honest, and challenging growth opportunities.

  • Too, my clock earrings, with the hands sitting five minutes from the next hour, depict the dread and anticipation as I neared this next chapter.

  • The feeling of the dress on my body - I felt free. I walk away from my undergrad with an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness, confidence, and a grand sense of freedom.

My pose is steady and balanced (first image above). My gaze looks downward, though not longingly, but in reflection. "I am satisfied with my academic experience thus far. Who knows where I may go next?" My shoulders and chest point away from the viewer, though they are angled just enough to where I may open myself up. My hair diffuses the harshest light while the rest gently trickles down the dress, resting at my feet. This photograph, between the clothing, posing, and gaze, finds a balance between fragility and power, trust and protection. That is vulnerability.

This is WHY I needed these photographs.

My Photoshoot serves as... Empowerment.

My intention for the second set of images was to harness my feminine power.

Taking inspiration from female icon, Barbie, I styled a light pink corset atop a button-up collared shirt, mixing feminine and masculine silhouettes. Admittedly, I was looser with my facial expressions and posing since this outfit felt more playful, and less rigid. My gaze points at the viewer, adding an element of intensity and concentration that lends to establishing a powerful tone in this series.

Define your "Why"

My hybrid self-love and senior session aided me in processing my feelings about graduation and empowering myself before heading into my next life chapter.

Photoshoot sessions can go by many names - senior, boudoir, self-love, fashion, portrait. Whatever the name, your reason or "why" behind the session is far more critical, should it be reinvigoration, reconnection, or reinvention of or with yourself.

We are conditioned to believe that photoshoots fit into our lives at select pivotal times: graduation, engagement, marriage, pregnancy, maybe for birthdays or special holidays. Looking at photoshoots this way is severely limiting, reserving them for "special occasions."

Well, guess what? Your life, every day, IS a special occasion. Or, I believe you can make it a special occasion.

Young, Curly-Haired Female Model sitting in grass field, Portraits for her Senior Graduation

You don't need to...

  1. Wait for a special occasion,

  2. Loose those five pounds,

  3. Know how to pose,

  4. Spend gobs of money,

  5. or Buy a new outfit

to schedule a photoshoot for yourself.

And yes, I said "schedule." Give yourself time to plan your outfit, accessories, locations, makeup, and hair before jumping in. Above all, sit with yourself and understand the reason WHY you're needing photography services.

Blog Recap:

|| We discussed how my senior session became one of self-love by...

|| Defining my "WHY" and reminding myself how a photoshoot serves me.



Think back to your last photoshoot - with a professional, friends, or during a selfie-sesh.

Determine your "WHY?"

  1. Did you want to show yourself off on social media?

  2. Did you celebrate a recent life change?

  3. Did you need a moment to reconnect with yourself?

In the comments, write your WHY in this format:

My Photoshoot serves (or served) as a ____________.


Why should I book a photoshoot?

Dallas Rogers (a.k.a. Dal) is a professional photographer specializing in photographing fashionable high school and college seniors in Scottsdale, Arizona. She aims to provide them with an editorial photography experience, creating ever-lasting, ever-empowering images of themselves.

We are ready to help you find your "why" and account for your photography needs. Find out more about the process of planning and shooting with Dal here.

Looking to book your self-love session? Look no further: book NOW for Fall and Winter 2023!

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