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BEST 10 Photoshoot Locations Across Arizona!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Have an upcoming shoot? No matter what shoot you're doing, these locations will render you some AMAZING pictures!

In my two years of doing professional portrait photography, I have traveled all across the West and East Valley and have stumbled across some jaw-dropping locations! Here are my favorite Arizona photoshoot locations for family photos, prom pictures, senior portraits, and more:

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

After taking a little anniversary trip up to Sedona, I INSTANTLY fell in love with Tlaquepaque! Around every turn is a beautiful setting! It gives me a "The streets of Paris" feel, and I cannot wait to shoot there. To provide you with an idea of how it looks, check out this article featuring GORGEOUS pictures of a wedding at this venue! It truly is a stunning spot with a calm feel.

Scorpion Gulch

If you're looking for an original site, Scorpion Gultch is perfect! This abandoned building is full of history! My seniors especially love this location because of all the fun rooms! It truly has so many little places that it begins to feel like a fun maze of spots to shoot!

Desert Botanical Garden

Calling all nature lovers! The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, is a wonderland of local flora. The whole experience makes a photoshoot there worthwhile. With every step, you are greeted by gorgeous flowers, cacti, and local art! And now, YOU CAN SHOOT THERE! They are open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m., and general admission is $14.95 per person! Check out their website for more information! Trust me, I did a couple session there with Jessie, and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

Downtown Phoenix - Murals

Scattered all around Downtown Phoenix are some beautiful murals ready for you to take pictures with them! For those looking for a fun splash of color in the hot desert, murals are an excellent location for taking pictures! Read all about some great ones in this article!

Heritage Square

Located in Downtown Phoenix is this charming location! Heritage Square has antique written all over it! The house's beautiful architecture, coupled with the jungle location nearby makes the site super versatile!

Verrado Parks

Verrado (is home to a great many parks, each with its own beautiful decor and scenery! I know a handful of people who adore these because they are so green and chock-full of flowers, trees, and more. Here are my favorite parks to visit when I'm in Verrado (map):

  • Poet's Park

  • Westmont Green

  • Founder's Park

  • Cambridge Plaza

Using the map provided, you can find some cool parks!

Downtown Buckeye

If you're western at heart, Downtown Buckeye is the place for you! When driving around Buckeye, you can find just about every western location you could dream up!

Papago Park

Papago Park is a very versatile location, featuring both desert and greenery! I love the diversity of nature as well as the relaxed feeling of the venue. It's surreal standing above the city. To get an idea of how Papago Park looks, check out Amber's stellar Papago Park collection!

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Located in Superior, Arizona (southeast of Mesa), this impressive venue is similar to the Desert Botanical Garden, except not one bit. The Boyce Thompson Arboretum features over 3,900 plant species: cacti and flowers, and trees, OH MY! With over 3 miles of trails to explore, the opportunity for pictures is ENDLESS! Be sure to check out their website for pricing and hours of operation! For pictures, be sure to check out Rachael Koscica's photos from this location.

Bright Horizon's at Downtown Phoenix

Should you desire more rugged or industrial-looking photos, turn to parking garages! I LOVE the roof of this parking garage because it is usually empty, especially on the roof. I may be a little bias towards this location because I have done quite a few fantastic shoots there, but I think it by far is one of my favorite places on this list.

A PSA: My clients and I park next to the daycare, and then take the elevator to the parking garage's roof.

I hope this all helps! I am always open to visiting new places! :)

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