• Dallas Rogers

Bachelorette Picnic Party at Scottsdale Palms

Madison, founder of @myazpicnic and dear friend, contacted me a week prior to Aleks' bachelorette party, interested in photography coverage for her company. Of course, I had to throw in pictures for Aleks and her stunningly beautiful and sweet bridesmaids. This picnic looked straight out of a magical dream, arranged with candles, sweet treats, and pops of pink and orange floral decorations.

My favorite moment from this day was getting to watch Instagram Influencers at work. I mean, these ladies came for my job, especially Jeannie. This girl was a posing mastermind, sharing insight with me and her fellow bridesmaids about how to look, as she put it, "hot girl summer year-round."

As you scroll through the images, set the mood with some music!


What was your favorite picture? Mine was the one with the croissant. Have you ever tried a croissant? Comment below!

Picnic: My AZ Picnic by Mady

Food: Chewy Bakes, Harmony Boards Charcuterie

Congrats to Aleks on your engagement and I wish you and Mr. Santiago the absolute best!

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