• Dallas Rogers

An AZ Studio Guide

Welcome, welcome! I hear you are looking for an indoor, studio photoshoot. You have come to the right place. Check out some standout AZ studios for your next session:

Studio House

Studio House AZ, now located in Downtown Phoenix, has two stunning rooms, both with tremendous character and charm. Designed after a dreamy greenhouse, the Atrium is versatile and calming space. Their second room, the Villa, is as gorgeous as it sounds. With a beautiful backlit bed in one room and a bold, floral mural in the other, the Villa is the perfect room for any portrait occasion.

Space One2One

Space One2One is the OG of studios, being one of the first I've shot at. The owners, Tara and Annelise, are very involved and helpful with any questions or concerns you may have. With three rooms - the Main Warehouse, Lifestyle, and Lifestyle Petite - there are endless photographic opportunities.

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